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June 3, 2022 P-1105-1v2206 - Academic Staff Handbook

This document encompasses the CEU regulations on rank, (re)appointment, promotion and related matters.

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January 28, 2022 P-1009-1v2201 - CEU Code of Ethics

The purpose of the Code is to protect the values common to all members of the University community, including academic integrity, obedience to the law and ethical standards; and to provide a clear procedural system for dealing with matters of general and academic misconduct that jeopardize the health, safety, development and mission of the University and of its individual members.

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January 28, 2022 P-2106-1v2203 - CEU Policy for Increasing the Representation of Women as Faculty

This policy applies only to those academic units where women as faculty are underrepresented. When an academic unit has reached a ratio of 50% women in each academic rank (assistant, associate, and full professorships), and there is no longer an underrepresentation of female faculty, the unit will be exempt from the obligation to follow this Policy for subsequent hires so long as gender balance is maintained.

This policy finds its legal basis in the Austrian Federal Constitution (B-VG), in particular its Section 7, the Austrian Equal Treatment Act (B-GlBG) and the Private Universities Act (PrivHG).

The policy's Implementation Protocol and Reporting Form for Faculty Hires are attached as separate documents.

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