Central European University's Policy on Student Plagiarism

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Approval process

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Approval date: 
May 30, 2014
Senate date: 
May 30, 2014
August 24, 2021

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Center for Academic Writing
The Office of the Provost / Pro-Rector
The Office of the Vice President for Enrollment Management, Career Services and Alumni Relations
Version date: 
August 24, 2021

Document summary

Plagiarism occurs both when the words of another are reproduced without acknowledgment and when the ideas or arguments of another are paraphrased in such a way as to lead the reader to believe that they originated with the writer.

This Policy shall be interpreted in accordance with the Code of Ethics, which shall also prevail in questions not regulated by this Policy. While both students and faculty may be guilty of plagiarism, this policy only addresses student plagiarism. Faculty cases of plagiarism should be dealt with according to the appropriate section of the Code of Ethics.