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September 7, 2023 P-2308-1 - Affiliation Policy for Central European University

To ensure that the research conducted by Central European University (CEU) authors - whether as faculty members or as a student -is recognized and evaluated accurately, it is essential that authors clearly identify CEU as their institutional affiliation in all publications.

This policy applies to all individuals who are part of the Central European University (CEU) community, including faculty members, staff, and students. It also includes emeriti who continue to be affiliated with CEU, visiting researchers who work with CEU for a limited duration and post-doctoral researchers who are part of ongoing projects.

This policy applies to any publication made during affiliation with CEU, in all public events attended in a professional capacity, and publications. These include but are not limited to journal articles, presentations, working papers, conference proceedings, books, chapters, posters, and the like.

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January 28, 2022 P-1103-2v2201 - CEU Open Access Policy

This Policy defines the mechanisms and responsibilities for providing open access to, and centrally registering, CEU academic publications.

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May 31, 2013 G-1305-02 - Guidelines on copyright and fair use

These are guidelines on fair use and copyright as they apply to teaching and research. The focus is on rules and procedures for copying, distributing and making accessible electronic and print items in the course of teaching and research, taking into account fair use principles as defined by the practice at US universities and Hungarian copyright law.

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